20 Aug, 2019

Best Barbecue Accessories and Tools for Perfect Barbecuing 2019

Barbecuing is not really a complicated task. It’s extremely an enjoyable and fun experience to barbecue, especially when you crave for your favorite grilled foods and you can make it ready in minutes only if you own a barbecue grill. And the barbecuing process becomes much more simpler if you have the best barbecue accessories. Using right barbecue accessories and tools at the right place, makes your barbecuing really more awesome. Even these barbecue accessories make you run your grill perfectly and enhance your cooking skills also.

Presenting the blog with the best barbecue accessories for all barbecue lovers. From spatulas to tongs, and thermometers to gloves, we have covered all the right grilling tools here for an easy barbecuing. So, just get dive into the world of best bbq tools to make barbecuing really a breeze.

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As you all know there are different types of barbecue grills- Charcoal Grills, Gas Grills, and Electric Grills, each having their own level of significance and convenience. Some of the tools combine benefits for all these three grills. And some are specifically used for each grill separately. So, have a look on different categories of right grilling tool for each grill that we have mentioned.

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Common Barbecue Accessories for Charcoal, Gas, & Electric Grills

1. BBQ Gloves

While barbequing, you are dealing with the heat. And so sometimes it is dangerous as it can cause your hands burned if you are not careful while grilling. Here comes the role of heavy- duty pair of hand gloves that protects your hand from burning and you can easily flip your grill very safely.

The bbq gloves are made up of special fabrics that keeps them away from catching fire or melting when exposed to the flames. The silicone gloves are ideal to handle juicy meats and vegetables or to protect you from the extremely hot liquids. It also works well to move hot coals, grill grates, and other hot items. The gloves made of leather is also a good buy to tackle hot objects. Also, you can purchase them separately for dry and wet use. Check for the best bbq gloves.

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2. Tongs

Tongs are your best companion while grilling that lets you flip the food items you are grilling. Long-handed ones are absolutely perfect as they offer easy flipping of the food items. However, you must consider the length, grip, and strength of the tongs for a great grilling experience. The good length of tong ensures that you are capable of flipping the food from a certain distance of the heat.

Grip is also important ensuring to hold perfectly the various type of food items from thin and delicate ones to large pieces of meats and vegetables. Also, the strength of a tong describes its strongness and heaviness that offers easy handling so you can flip the large pieces of meats very easily. Even you must consider that it must not be too heavy that tire your arms while using it. Check for the best bbq tongs.

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3. Barbecue Forks

A grillers set is incomplete without a barbecue fork. You can use it turn out the steak or to check a piece of meat in a rotisserie. It is ideal to choose the one with stainless steel construction that is strong enough to lift the meats of any weight. It should also be sharp enough to pierce the toughest meat. Also, it is ideal to choose the barbecue fork with a soft non-slip comfortable grip that lets you hold it easily and remains cool to the touch.

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4. Spatulas

Not every food item you can handle with the tongs like fish and burgers and that is where you need spatulas. The spatulas make you flip the delicate food items very easily without breaking them. But make sure it should be thin and flexible that can easily get slip under the food on the cooking grate for easily turning of them. Also, make sure the spatulas are light enough that not creates pain in your arms while handling it. And solid enough to handle the flipping of heavier pieces of foods very efficiently.

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5. Knives

A quality barbecue knife is yet another essential tool for any kind of barbecue. Different type of bbq knives are available for different purposes that fits everyone’s unique cooking style. The Chef Knife, the boning knife, the slicing knife, the carving knife, each having their own uses and benefits. But you must consider that the better knives have sturdy construction. It must also have some good weight without being too heavy to maneuver them easily. And it should better serve the purpose of slicing and dicing of any kind of meats and veggies.

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6. Grill Brushes

Cleaning of your barbecue grill is very much important to make it durable and long lasting for years. Even a dirty grill can affect the taste of food, therefore cleaning them is an appropriate way to get healthy and safe food at all. For an effective cleaning of the barbecue grill, whether it is a charcoal grill, gas grill, or electric grill, grill brushes are the most ideal tool. It makes your grill to get away from all the food debris, leftover oil, and grease. And you can easily clean your grill with them.

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7. Basting Brush

The grilled food is incomplete without sauces and other seasonings. The sauces and seasonings add a good taste to the grilled food and how to apply it on your food is as simple and easy if you have a basting brush. Consider the one having silicone bristles that allow to cover your food with the even layer of sauce or oil, etc. Also, go for the one having longer handles. The long handed barbecue basting brushes allow you to safely apply the oil, glaze, or sauce on the food and meat you are grilling without burning your fingers.

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8. Barbecue Thermometer

Grilling needs an appropriate temperature for cooking the food. Too much or too little heat will spoil your whole food. And that’s why maintaining a proper temperature level is very much essential for appropriate grilling. Here comes the role of barbecue thermometers that offers the accurate reading every time. Even it also keeps your hand away from the grill that makes you safe from burning. Some models also come with a bright LCD panel for easy reading of the temperature.

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9. Skewers

These are thin sticks made of metal or wood for grilling meats and veggies. You can push food in them for barbecuing through their sharp edges and also easily turn them for perfect cooking. It is ideal to pick the barbecue skewers made of stainless steel that are rust-proof and dishwasher safe. Bamboo skewers are also a nice option as they offer a right amount of friction between the food and the skewers. And this makes it easy to rotate all of the food at once. Also, you can opt for the double-pronged skewers that are capable of holding food in place better than the single-pronged sticks.

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10. Grill Basket

Grill baskets are one of the great accessories over the skewers to grill or smoke small pieces of meats, fish, and veggies very easily. The wiring construction of the grill basket allows a lot of smoke and flavor to reach inside the food you are grilling and so offers a great flavor to them. As it comes with a great cooking space, you can cook a large amount of food at the same time. It is also easier to flip and turn the food on the grill basket. They come with the convenient handles for safer and easy handling of them while grilling.

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